Episode 6 - Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Icy Space Magic

This week: Christmas, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, trivia, reviews, and more!

Episode 5 - Dead By Daylight

Waiting For Players

This week: Halloween, Dead by Daylight, trivia, reviews, and more!

Episode 4

It's About October

This week: Halloween, Saint Lucian Holidays, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more!

Episode 3

Keanu Reeves?

This week: Bill & Ted, Keanu Reeves, Cyberpunk 2077, and more!

Episode 2

Here Comes A New Challenger

This week: Childhood gaming, various games, Nintendo consoles, and more!

Episode 1 - Burnout Paradise

Talking About Nothing

This week: Burnout Paradise, dealing with speech impediments, and following your dreams!




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